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24th March 2018 
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East Horsley
Worry affects the circulation.. the heart.. the glands.. the whole nervous system
and profoundly affects the health. I have never known a man who died from overwork
but many who have died from doubt.

Charles W. Mayo, surgeon
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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – is one of the Meridian Therapies and is often referred to as “tapping” or “acupuncture without needles”. It is a method of balancing the body’s system by tapping on specific points. Depending on the issue being worked on, it can also involve some eye movement, humming a short tune and counting from 1-5 in order to stimulate different parts of the brain.

It was developed in the USA by Gary Craig from psychologist Dr Roger Callahan’s TFT – Thought Field Therapy and is used to treat fears, anxiety, phobias and pain – to name but a few issues. It was also used in a recent TV series to aid weight loss.
Simple issues may be treated very quickly, and the process can be easily used by clients themselves once the basic technique has been learnt. However more complex, or deep-seated issues may required repeated rounds of tapping on the various aspects of the issue involved.

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