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It is time to
make things right,
to stay on the path. As
water runs fresh and free
from a woodland spring, so
new life and meaning will
bubble up from my
own inner source.
Joyce Sequichie Hifler

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What is Counselling?

At times we can all feel that life has got the better of us, whether this is due to our external circumstances or our inner feelings, a sense we are not living life as fully as we would like. At these times counselling can be of help.

Counselling provides a place of safety where you will be able to talk about your problems, both emotional and/or practical, in confidence. You will be listened to with respect and without judgement. The aim is not to give advice, but to help you clearly identify what you wish to change and, by raising awareness of your own unique inner strengths and resources, help you to move forward productively.

People need to work at their own pace, therefore the length and regularity of sessions are negotiated, but usually last for an hour on a regular weekly basis. Sometimes just a few sessions will be enough to clarify your situation; for some regular sessions over a longer period may be more appropriate.

Is what we talk about confidential?

It is my intention to offer you a secure and positive experience of counselling, as without that sense of safety it can be difficult to express and talk about the more painful or difficult aspects of our lives. Therefore, everything you tell me will be in confidence within certain boundaries. In order that you can feel at ease on this issue, I will explain my confidentiality policy clearly in the free assessment appointment (a 'taster' session to see if counselling is for you and whether I am the right person for you).

How do you work?

I see individuals and young people and can work with both short-term and long-term clients. What you want to achieve, times and costs can be discussed in the free assessment appointment.

My basic training was in Humanistic Counselling which means I see each person as a unique individual and see my clients as the expert on themselves. I have undergone further training in different modalities in order to expand my "toolbox" as, being individuals, we all have different ways of working and the more "tools" I have the more options you have in choosing how we work together. For instance, some people find it helpful to understand their past and how that impacts on their life today. Where as others may prefer to focus on solutions rather than talking about the problem. Some people might prefer to just talk through their issue(s), others might find using creative materials, drawings, shells, etc., helpful - we are all different!

What are some other issues you have worked with?

Childhood issues.
Emotional issues - Difficulty in expressing feelings, Anger, Guilt, Fear, Shame.
Major life changes, including work and lifestyle changes.
Meaning of life - loss of direction - Lack of confidence - Loneliness.
Lack of self-esteem/lack of self-worth.

What are your fees?

Please discuss fees when you call, or book a free 1/2 hour assessment session when fees and other aspects of counselling can be discussed.

I have concessions for those on low incomes.
There is also a discount for six sessions booked and paid for in advance .

If you are a student on a counselling course meeting your statutory requirement, please ask for my Student rate.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please call me on 07881 954 430 or email me here

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