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10th December 2018 
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… That still leaves us
with a big question: Do I
do anything to change myself?
I’ve got a big surprise for you, you
don’t have to do anything. The more
you do, the worse it gets. All you have
to do is understand. Think of somebody
you are living with or working with whom
you do not like, who causes negative feel-
ings to arise in you. Let’s help you to
understand what’s going on. The first
thing you need to understand is that
the negative feeling is inside you.
You are responsible for the
negative feeling, not the
other person. Someone
else in your place
would be perfectly
calm and at ease in
the presence of this
person; they wouldn’t
be affected. You are. Now,
understand another thing, that
you’re making a demand. You have
an expectation of this person. Can you
get in touch with that? Then say to this
person, “I have no right to make any
demands on you.” In saying that,
you will drop your expectation.

“I have no right to make
any demands on you. Oh,
I’ll protect myself from the
consequences of your actions
or your moods or whatever, but
you can go right ahead and
be what you choose to be.
I have no right to make
any demands on you.”

Anthony de Mello - Awareness

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